Business Launch 101: It Takes A Village

Yesterday, I officially launched my creative economy and project management consulting business. Despite the anxiety and fear that comes with any good business launch, the website and, more importantly, my message were received with overwhelming positivity and support!


Starting a new business is not for the faint of heart. It takes work, dedication, perseverance, and passion to move from a good idea to a great venture. And, as many seasoned mentors will tell you, if you aren't downright scared you aren't doing it right.

Fear may come from putting your assets on the line or sacrificing the financial security of a full time job with a company that's not your own. In my case, however, I was afraid of...myself.

I had been working as an independent consultant for 7 months before it ever occurred to me that I was developing a new business. A business implies that it has something valuable to offer, and I simply lacked the confidence to believe I possessed skills that others, particularly people I don't know, would want to pay for. Selling has never been my strong suit, and soliciting my own services was something I pushed further down the to-do list.

Seasoned mentors will also tell you that making mistakes is par for the course, but remember: being fearful is not a mistake; it's an opportunity.

In my case, however, I was afraid of...myself.

Instead of letting fear get the best of me, I enlisted the help of fellow business mentor Jesse Freidin to guide me through the process, but we didn't work together to build a website. He helped me think and write about myself with conviction and clarity. I wasn't a failure because, as a business consultant, I needed my own business consultant. I am finding success because I reached out for support. And without my friends, colleagues, and partner cheering me along and encouraging this venture, my launch might not have been as successful.

Fear is inevitable, but what you do with that fear can greatly influence your chances for success. Look for support wherever you can, take advantage of the resources around you, and don't be afraid to toot your own horn!